About LovelySprouts

In 2013, Mandy and Earl had their first child, Sophia and like many first-time parents, they wanted to document and celebrate her growth by taking monthly photos. As they looked around for props to use in the photos, they stumbled upon a set of Milestone Blocks. Unfortunately, the blocks appeared hastily made and lacked the quality they hoped to use for the monthly photos. However with limited options, they had little choice but to continue using them.

A few months later, while watching tv and surfing through the channels, they stumbled upon a documentary highlighting the devastating impact that a lack of clean water creates. It inspired them to take action and instilled the driving purpose and core mission behind what would soon become LovelySprouts.


Today at LovelySprouts, we are on a mission to provide premium quality products to help new parents document and capture life’s precious moments, while providing clean water to children in need. Life moves quickly so we understand how important it is celebrate and reflect upon those simple everyday moments with our little ones. We do, however, understand not everyone around the world is as fortunate. That is why a portion of ALL proceeds goes directly to organizations and charities like charity:water.

To date, as the official sponsor of a community water project, we have helped enable over 200 people in drought stricken Malawi in Southern Africa to have year-round access to at least 20 liters of clean water per person per day from a protected water source within a 30-minute walk (visit our blog for more details). And the most encouraging part is we are just getting started! So, whether your baby is celebrating their first year of life, you are announcing your pregnancy, or you are simply celebrating time with one another, allow LovelySprouts to help share your moments in style so together, we can help change the world for the better.