Hello there, 2018...

Hello moms, dads, grandmas, grand-dads, uncles, aunts, and caregivers everywhere,

Happy New Year! We welcome 2018 with a new set of blog posts. We'll try to make our posts concise (no promises) but we hope to engage, inform, inspire you once in awhile, and most of all, we hope to grow together with you. We will share updates on our products, upcoming sales, our thoughts and updates on our mission to better the lives of children everywhere.

We can't believe how fast 2017 flew by and how much of a blessing the journey has been. 2017 was a year of growth and expansions here at LovelySprouts. We started our Memory Book and Premium Fleece Blanket collections. We started with our Little Animal Memory Book and by the time 2018 started, we were ready to generate our Blue and Pink Memory Books Collection. In between, we started our Premium Fleece Blankets Collection.

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful response we received for our new product lines. Our Floral Premium Fleece Blanket Collection is currently sold out but we hope to have it restocked and available within the next few weeks. Additionally, we promise to continue to grow and improve our product lines with your valuable input. So, please feel free to give us feedback (good and bad) in an effort to continually improve upon your favorite products (write to us to

With 2017 now behind us, we look forward to updating you on our contributions to charity:water for the year. We're very excited that with the growth of our business, we are able to contribute more to fund a water project in a community. We'll update you more in our coming post.

2018 is here and it will certainly fly by too. With each new year, every person and family will ready their version of new year's resolution. Our family has not been big on resolutions, but we always try to find a way to be better people and ourselves in our day-to-day lives. In this blog, we want to share our thoughts from a book we received from our Church. It's a book by Matthew Kelly entitled "Perfectly Yourself". The book reminds us that to get to our perfect selves, our best-version of ourselves, we must allow ourselves to accept the little progress of being the better-version of ourselves.

Whatever your resolutions may be, don't get fixated on the final goals. Allow yourselves for some mistakes and failures along the way. They are part of the journey, but they should not be your final destination. They are not signs of weakness, they suggest that we are in the process of making efforts, reminders that we can always be better than what we are today. It's what you learn from them and what you can do to make less of them next time. Let's remember to celebrate the daily progress, however small it may be, even when progress means making less mistakes and failures.

Here's to 2018 and here's to you. Let's try to make better-versions of ourselves this year and look forward to our new products!

With much hope and warm wishes,